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• 8/21/2017

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• 12/29/2013

What do you REALLY Think?!?

Viewing Seikon No Qwaser, I've noticed that I really don't like the whole MafuyuXSasha relationship. It's just REALLY weird to me and I wish sometimes that Sasha was paired with someone else. If you feel the same way or just wanna pick for fun, why don't you let me know who you think should be paired with Sasha.
To rattle off one of the best pairs that I see fit are:
Ekaterina Kurae "Katja" - the copper user(even though she's still pretty much gay...)
Astarte - raised by Adepts since birth to be high Maria (I dunno she's just too cute for absolutely no romance :3)
Milk - the hydrogen user (you know what idfk why I want this pair...)
Fumika Mitari - the quiet class rep (shes just...really cute and shy)

I guess these four fit because they are young or possibly younger than Sasha... I just really don't see him liking an older woman in my opinion. Oh well, tell me how you see things! :3

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• 12/27/2013

Yuu seducing Alia Vikamore then sex

Wel;,in the manga thats ONLY aried in Japan had 8 scenes where Yuu gos into Alia's room when she's getting dressed for bed. He walks in and grabs her breasts stated that he loves her and wants her. Then she takes his invitation to sex and he slowly takes off her shirt,then bra and grabs her naked breasts. He takes off her skirt and then starts to have sex with her. The next day she sees him and he looks over and smiles in mystery. She wonders why in her head (shown in manga) (the sex parts are only in Japan aried manga)that Yuu wanted sex last night,the truth is that he wanted to make her his sex supply of soma. 
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