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• 12/27/2013

Yuu seducing Alia Vikamore then sex

Wel;,in the manga thats ONLY aried in Japan had 8 scenes where Yuu gos into Alia's room when she's getting dressed for bed. He walks in and grabs her breasts stated that he loves her and wants her. Then she takes his invitation to sex and he slowly takes off her shirt,then bra and grabs her naked breasts. He takes off her skirt and then starts to have sex with her. The next day she sees him and he looks over and smiles in mystery. She wonders why in her head (shown in manga) (the sex parts are only in Japan aried manga)that Yuu wanted sex last night,the truth is that he wanted to make her his sex supply of soma. 


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• 12/27/2013

I hate this couple! Yuu belongs with Makala Vikamore! Shown in chapter 14 he stated to Fool that he loved her and wished to marry her in the future.The reason why he never asked her out is either by Her loosing her virginity to him when he is very sinful man or Her being shown his truth "behind his eyes"...  Hopefully in the next chapter he asks her out! He is holding her hand which means in next chapter Yuu or Makala either not resist or go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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