Aoi Kuchiba
Aliases Double Face
Qwaser of Oxygen
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Green
Age 18
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adept
Maria Anyone
Element Oxygen
Dislikes Sweets
Voiced by Risa Hayamizu
First Appearance Episode 8

Aoi Kuchiba, nicknamed Double Face (due to her split personality of two people: her twin brother Yuu Kuchiba and herself), is the Third member of The Adepts.


Aoi is a slender and beautiful young teenager with long, green hair that has bangs covering the left sides of her face and magenta eyes. She has a blank expression most of the time, possible due to her past. She is usually seen in a school uniform, which is a long sleeved shirt, red bow tie and a black skirt with three red lines.

Aoi's appearance drastically changes when she believes that she is Yuu, being shown to look identical to her own brother, having the same purple lines on the side of her eyes, having the same sadistic look in her eyes, and even having the same spiked up hair, albeit a lot longer then her brothers.


Aoi is shown to be a very kind and caring girl as shown with her interactions with Sasha. She is also shown to be homicidal, and insane, as she had believed to be her own dead brother.


It is unknown what life they lived before being captured by the Adepts, but they had to endure their harsh trainings by themselves, with Aoi supporting Yuu, much like how Olga had to help Sasha. Unfortunately, this connection resulted in their damnation, and Yuu became a homicidal maniac as a result. Not only that, but he also became  His sister,


Aoi contacted Sasha and begged him to kill Yuu Kuchiba and stop his rampage, though initially both him and Ekaterina Kurae were no match for someone who could oxidize their metal with a whim, rendering them powerless. However, when Sasha fought him for one last time it was revealed that there was no Yū, as he died long ago, it was Aoi all the time: deemed unfit for combat as a Qwaser, the Adepts wanted to use her as a supply of soma, and when she was about to be assaulted, she unleashed her powers in self-defense, slaughtering her assailant only to discover, to her horror, that it was her brother. The event shattered her mind and drove her to complete madness, forcing the creation of a split personality of anger and hatred that took the identity of Yū, plaguing her with fits of rage and hallucinations of her brother raping her. Devastated by the revelation, with the last of her sanity she begged to be killed, a plea Sasha mercifully accepted. Though seriously wounded, Aoi did not die, and thanks to Paracelsus' efforts she was saved, with the procedure also sealing her identity of Yū away, reducing it to a "voice in her head."

She rejoins Adepts but later once Golden Qwaser ditches them, she joins Sasha and his friends

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser of Oxygen: Aoi is a massively powerful Qwaser with the element called oxygen, which allows her to walk in the air with impunity, create pressures of enormous proportions, air currents capable of large destruction, as well as, suffocating anyone she wishes with no more than a thought or incapacitating them by saturating their surroundings with oxygen.


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