Ayame Satsuki
Ayame Satsuki 2
Aliases None
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Age Unknown
Bust 79
Waist 52
Hip 78
Affiliations Roman Curia Surei Academy
Maria Maria to Ekatrina
Element None
Likes Miyuki
Dislikes Hana
Voiced by Yukio Tatsumi
First Appearance

Friend of Miyuki. She is a member of the sorority of Roman Curia Surei Academy. Ayame is obsessed with Miyuki and always calls her "onee-sama."



When Miyuki is defeated by Alexander, Ayame takes it upon herself to avenge Miyuki, but instead gets her Soma sucked repeatedly by Alexander. She goes the way of Hana in that she is obsessed with yuri and lolicon. When Ekaterina arrives at the Academy, she makes Ayame her slave as well, in addition to Hana.