• Mnzombie

    Your Element

    February 4, 2013 by Mnzombie

    I you were a Qwasar, what element would you control?

    Personally, I would prefer Hydrogen because:

    1. Hydrogen is very flamable, allowing for the use of fire-based attacks.
    2. It can be mixed with oxygen (which is just about everywhere) to make water, allowing for water-based attacks.
    3. You can get it from just about anywhere that their is water, even the human body (similar to how Sasha creates weapons from the iron in his blood.
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  • Sannse

    Explicit images

    November 16, 2012 by Sannse

    Hi, I've recently deleted some images from this wiki, because they were too explicit for Wikia.

    The Wikia Terms of Use state that content must not be "obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive [or] profane". Obviously, that is open to a lot of interpretation. But the line we have drawn is that we don't allow shock images, images of sexual acts, or images of nudity - and that includes bare breasts and butts, even if only drawn.

    I understand that this wiki is based around an adult anime, but that doesn't change the requirement for the content to be within the Terms of Use. So I think the question is: is your topic one that can be documented without explicit content? If it can, that's great. But if it can't, you may need to find another place …

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