Aliases Gas Chamber
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Green
Age Mid 30s
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adepts
Maria Unknown
Element Chlorine
Likes Torture
Dislikes Teresa Beria
Voiced by Mauo Amada
First Appearance Episode 3

Croa is known as Gas Chamber, he is a member of the Adepts. As a Qwaser he wields the element of chlorine.


Croa is a slender wicked looking man, who has spiked up green hair. He is usually seen wearing a lab over coat. He also wears glasses, and when taken off, it reveals his eyes to be tattooed horizontal lines going from his eyes, with vertical lines crossing the horizontal lines.


Croa is shown to be very sadistic, as he seemed to enjoy torturing Teresa about what the abuse he had done to her, and her care takers, not showing any remorse in the slightest.


He was the one that led the vengeful militiamen to Teresa's convent during the Yugoslav Wars, and appears to be highly xenophobic, often lamenting that his preys smell awfully bad. He threatened to turn St. Mihailov in a massive grave by gassing all its occupants before Sasha fought and defeated him. A clone of him, reanimated and controlled by Friederich Tanner, was used to force the awakening of Sword's Maria by fighting and being defeated by Ootori.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is the qwaser of Chlorine with which he can create noxious and lethal gases or, in conjunction with water, generate hydrochloric acid.


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