Aliases The Golden Woman
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Light Blue
Age Unknown
Bust unknown
Waist unknown
Hip unknown
Affiliations St. Mihailov Academy
Maria None
Element Noah of Gold
Likes Alexander Nikolaevich Hell, Miyuri
Dislikes Friederich Tanner
Voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara
First Appearance

Edgar is an androgynous boy who appears after the events in Roman Curia Surei Academy. He is later referred to by the Meteora as "The Golden Woman", speculating he may have ties to the Gold Qwaser.


At times he's a sweet young boy, loyal to his friends (Miyuri and Fuma, and later Jita), but when someone is seen as a threat to them, he can become cold and willing to kill in order to protect them.

When he first met Jita, after subduing her and knocking her out, he politely covered her exposed rear with her skirt, showing a gentlemanly attitude despite the fact that at the time she could be considered his enemy.


Edgar has golden eyes and neck length silvery light blue hair. He has been seen wearing a lavender hooded cloak and dresses in an the girl's uniform for St. Mihailov Academy.


Previously, he was a slave of Friederich Tanner, and was constantly abused by him into constructing The Noah of Gold on his body.


He befriended and follows Miyuri everywhere mostly when she tries to use any foretelling technique that involves using her breasts. Edgar is shown to be the one to truly foresee the events Miyuri predicts. He knows that Sasha is a Qwaser from Athos.