Eva-Q & Eva-R
Q et R 1
Aliases None
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Pink
Age Unknown
Bust 83 (presumed)
Waist 50 (presumed)
Hip 79 (presumed)
Affiliations Eva Silver
Maria None
Element Mercury
Likes Pain, Eva Silver
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Mai Nakahara (Eva-Q) Yukari Tamura (Eva-R)
First Appearance


The Evas are all look alikes, having been cloned from the same person, with the only difference being that either their clothes are yellow, or blue, as well as how they actually put their hair in, either a side ways right pony tail, and the other having a side ways left pony tail.


Both Evas are shown to be masochists, people who gains pleasure from pain, having begged many times to many people, to punish them, actually bringing tools for their "punishment". They also seem to be very happy and out going.


Eva-Q & Eva-R are a pair of deranged, ghastly twin sisters dressed in scandalous, bondage-looking suits and armed with a wide variety of obscene BDSM tools, which suddenly appeared at St. Mihailov Academy, searching for Sasha, begging those they asked informations to "order" them - that is, to torture them to death with the array of gadgets they carried, with refusal immediately followed by "disqualification," the gruesome death of their would be-master.

Probably the most extreme example of the brutality of the Adepts, Eva-Q and Eva-R were clones of their original, Eva Silver, engineered to be physically immortal, no matter how massive their injuries, capable of using the element mercury like their mistress, and also completely crazy, driven by constant rape and torture to such extremes of insanity that they recognized pain as pleasure, crying out in bliss even when superficially wounded.

Possibly due to their pitiful condition, Sasha fought them only briefly, leaving the job to Ekaterina, who was much more eager to kill the twins. She only managed to keep them at bay however, until their "mother", Eva Silver, was wounded by Sasha and used them to cure herself. Another clone, Eva-S, briefly appeared when Eva kidnapped Mafuyu, though she was quickly incinerated from the inside-out by Shinichiro Ootori, who ignited the sodium in her body and, thus, prevented her from regenerating.


Eva-Q & Eva-R birthday is June 11.