Eva Silver
Eva Silver teacher
Aliases Queen of Silver
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Age Unknown
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations The Adepts
Maria Unknown
Element Mercury
Likes Torture
Dislikes Ekatrina
Voiced by Yu Asakawa
First Appearance

Eva Silver is an Adept of unknown position. She is also the Qwaser of the element Mercury.


Eva Silver is an attractive woman with dull blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail-like bun. She wears red-rimmed glasses and has gray-blue eyes. Her attire consists of a beige blazer that exposes her breasts and a burgundy skirt. She wears leggings.


Eva Silver is one of the most sadistic and deranged characters that has appeared so far.


Eva was the original source of all of her clones, younger versions of herself who were given physical immortality so as to endure the atrocious tortures imposed on them by their mistress and others. They adored Eva as their only queen.


The Queen of the Living Silver

While Sasha and Ekaterina were fighting Eva-Q & Eva-R, the real Eva Silver appeared out of nowhere in Mafuyu's class, killing their teacher by smothering him with mercury and then proceeding to "teach" the class about the beauty of cruelty and humiliation of others, ironically also reprimanding the students about their bullying of Mafuyu.

Eva was initially defeated by Sasha, when she was crucified and set ablaze, yet she reappeared shortly after, gruesomely disfigured, kidnapping Mafuyu and forcing Sasha to fight once more. It was Ekaterina who shed light upon Eva's identity, unmasking her as Eva Braun, the wife of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Believing her acts of depravity, especially cloning and reassimilating herself, as the true manifestation of the Nazi idea of a supreme being, she was defeated nonetheless, and completely torn apart by Ekaterina's gynoid. It is revealed that Eva is extremely fearful of death, so scared of death that she attempts to beg for her life and negotiate. A cloned corpse of Eva Silver was later used in the botched attempt, made by the Qwaser of Gold and Friederich Tanner, to summon Sword's Maria. Her position in the Adepts' hierarchy is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser of Mercury: Controlling the element mercury, she is able to summon it in vast quantities and solidify it at will, turning the substance into razor-sharp wires and blades, droplets as powerful as bullets, and other solid objects or even traps.