Gold of NoahEdit

The Gold of Noah, or Golden Noah, is a High Ancient Circuit sought after by Athos, the Adepts, and Meteora. It is a relic that gives its bearer multiple abilities, all of them tied to alternate realities (called possibilities by Friederich Tanner/Edgar), and navigating them to claim the most desirable one.

Ch. 59 pg. 01


The relic allows for the power to shift from the present to any parallel possibility, thought the more implausible the possibility, the more the shift costs the bearer in both the time it takes to find, and the life force they lose in the process. 

Despite this, the bearer can "split" into multiple copies of themselves (at least within the "World of Untold Possibilities"), cutting down the time spent finding the prefered reality.

Hidden AbilitiesEdit

When pushed, the bearer can invoke "the Ark", sending the minds of the bearer's enemies through infinite alternate realities, having them experience real other possibilities while their bodies remain in their native one.

Ch. 61 pg. 26

Lee May's Dream Reality

One last trump card hidden in the relic is the ability to merge with alternate versions of the bearer, becoming a seraphic like being that can shout Elemental Circuits of an unknown nature to damage foes.


Golden Noah explanation 1

Max explaining Noah's limits.

Ch. 56 pg. 34

Escaping is futile.

As said above, the more unlikely a possibility is, the harder it is for the wielder to find it and make it reality. Further more, an impossible situation can not be achieved with the Golden Noah, though what is deemed impossible is unclear.

If a person "has no dreams or desire", they seem to be either immune to the effects of "the Ark", or can resist them. Sasha wasn't swayed by a reality he couldn't make on his own, not falling under the Ark's effect at all. Furthermore, at least within the plot, Edgar was able to break Jita out of her trance by requesting for her to go back, as well as asking her to kill "him" (his body possessed by Tanner). Lee May appeared to break free by realizing that her "life" with Sasha in that other reality while nice isn't real; not to her anyway.

The bearer can be killed, if overwhelmed to the point that they can't find a "possibility" of them surviving the encounter, such as when Tanner/Edgar was assaulted by Sasha, Jita and Lee May.