Jita Phrygianos
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Aliases Black Diamond
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Hair Color Black
Age 15
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adepts
Maria Any Girl
Element Carbon
Likes Big Breasts
Dislikes Alexander Nikolaevich Hell
Voiced by Fuyuka Oura
First Appearance

Jita Phrygianos is the Eleventh of the Adepts, also known as Black Diamond. She is Joshua Phrygianos's younger sister, whom she treats as a fool due to his element. She is the Qwaser of Carbon.


She wears a long , high-collared white coat that resembles a lab coat or a suit. She also wears black leggings, black heeled boots and a short maid-like dress beneath the coat. Her black hair is slightly messy and relatively short, with a few curly strands of it kept long enough to touch the rims of her coat collar. Her eyes are reddish brown. Jita bears some resemblance to her older brother, Joshua.


She is serious and loyal to her master, Wan Chen, even after his 'betrayal'. But, she, sometimes, gets flustered around naked girls, especially when they approach her while in that state. It has been shown throughout the anime and manga that she has been warming up to the various students around her, albeit rather slowly. It became prominent during her interactions with Fumika.


She was initially very harsh towards Tomo, addressing her as a loose woman due to her good looks (especially her breasts), though she apparently developed a crush on her, slowly opening up, especially after Tomo saved her when Georg Tanner forced her to take the blame of a fight he had provoked.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser of Carbon: Her element is carbon, which she controls and with it she can create bladed weapons and diamond wires at will. Her techniques of using diamond wires is said to look like Phoenix's technique. Due to the vast amount of carbon on Earth, she has little trouble finding carbon for manipulation.

Increased Agility: Her capabilities are above average. This was shown when she attempted to escape St. Mihailov Academy by jumping above the walls, only to discover that there was an invisible barrier surrounding it.


  • She enjoys the hot springs.
  • She is terrible in bowling.
  • She hasn't mastered her element yet, though she is making steady progress with it, as shown in the manga.
  • In the manga, a gynoid was named after her, specifically 'Jita II'.