I think that there aren't enough kissing scenes. Im not talking about them sucking the nipples I'm actually talking about kissing, don't you agree on that? For instance, Mafuyu and Sasha, they only kissed once in the whole season and there are 36 episodes all together. They are a very cool/cute couple, they suit each other when they are together, that even makes sense, that's why whoever is reading this don't you agree that Sasha and Mafuyu should kiss at the least 5 times. In most animes, they either don't kiss at all or they kiss a couple of time but....In this anime, they only kiss once! It's just dumb, although i really love it. SO PLEASE ADD MORE KISSING SCENES WITH SASHA AND MAFUYU KISSING IN SEASON 3!

(sniff* sniff*)