Lee May
Aliases Silent Magnum
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Hair Color Blonde
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Affiliations Meteora
Maria N/A
Element None
Likes Sasha
Dislikes Friederich Tanner
Voiced by None - Mute
First Appearance Season 2 Episode 13 (Anime)
Chapter 46 (Manga)

Lee May Known as "Silent Magnum" and number 3 of "Five Faculties", as the alias implies, she use all kind of firearms against her opponent.

Having lost her voice in a terrorist attack, she communicates with a small screen device (similar to an old phone) that she types in what she means to say. She's rather foul-mouthed for a mute character.

Story Edit

As a child, her parents were killed in a terrorist attack orchestrated by Friederich Tanner, during which her throat was damaged as well. Taken in as a child soldier and abused by both her superiors and fellow soldiers for years, she was saved by Meteora and even Crawford himself, saying her "defilement" makes her beauty shine brighter. Joining Meteora out of gratitude, she fit right in, having already lost a sense (her voice). She eventually manages to come across Tanner as he's possessing the body of Edgar. Seeing her chance, she focuses on killing him above all else, chasing him into the reopened Water Sanctuary alongside Sasha.

Ch. 58 pg. 11

Lee May spots her target

Once inside, after briefly serving as Sasha's Maria and being touched by how gentle he was (in comparison to the men that she's encountered before), Lee May falls deeply in love with Sasha but due to her muteness she can't express herself, nor does she decide to follow up on these feelings, less they distract her from her revenge.

Ch. 59 pg. 24

Truce between Sasha and Lee May

Eventually getting trapped in "the Ark's" effect, she sees a reality where not only are her parents still alive (and she lacks the scars or trauma from her time as a child soldier), but Sasha is her fiancé. Breaking out of that vision in time to intercept a mortal blow from Tanner striking at Sasha, Lee May silently considers how she would have liked to have that life with the "real" Sasha, but knows it couldn't happen.

SNQ - Lee May's Last Happy Thoughts

Before finally finishing off her arch-enemy Tanner, who was too damaged from previous attacks to avoid her and "out of possibilities".

Ch. 62 pg. 34

The explosion caused from Lee May's attack seemingly kills the both of them.

Ch. 62 pg. 35