A member of Meteora who has chosen to give up his eyesight to God, Max is one of the more polite members of this fanatical group. Still, he carries out his order competely, no matter how ruthless they are. All the while hoping to remain friendly with Mafuyu



He is as polite as he his fanatical. On the one hand he helped out Mafuyu and Katja with some thieves when they first met in Bayern, despite it having little to do with moving his mission along. He even claims to wish to get to know them better, and tells Mafuyu to believe that he is not their enemy.

Despite this, he is also completely resolute in killing those his orders say he must, even if it's an entire village. For Max, as well as Meteora as a whole, the risk that even one of those villagers had seen a holy artifact they had no business observing meant that they had sinned, in their view.

His loyalty is to whoever leads their church, whether is Archbishop Smirnoff or Athos ' enemy the Qwaser of Gold , as so far as he's concerned he's carrying out God's will.


A young handsome man, Max's main features are his black Meteora outfit, as well as his signature blindfold with a x-shape crossing the front of it. When he first met Mafuyu and Katja, he was wearing a light colored hooded outfit, similar to designs usually used to depict Robin Hood and his Merry Men.



Coming to St. Mihailov Academy alongside the rest of Meteora, under orders to collect Jita for interogation and torture due to her being a member of Adepts, Max greets Mafuyu and Katja, who are revealed to have met him a month prior while on mission to Bayern, a small town in Germany in the Schwaben province.

He was very polite and well-mannered before, as he is now, letting Mafuyu know about a group of Adept monks seeking to abduct the painter she and Katya were sent to investigate, Alan Schmitz. Once the two girls had left the town with the painting they were after, Max was relieved to be able to conduct his mission without upsetting them: that mission being the slaughter of the town's residents, for having seen the painting of Edgar and possible Edgar himself, as both have the markings of the Golden Noah , a sacred sacrament average people are not meant to see.

While he, Sasha and Mafuyu disagree and argue over Meteora and Athos' methods and actions, Yuri informs the room at large the Jita is in fact no longer held there, so regardless of what anyone there felt Meteora's plans aren't achieable at the moment.

Later when Jita is located, he and Lee May confront her and Edgar and attempt to kill the both of them, during which Max displays his command of his white wolf companion Lobo and a small pack of black wolves, including his strange ability to forcefully evolve them into upright standing wolf men (though he objects to them being referred to as werewolves, stating that there's nothing mystical or unclean about this power).

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Possessing no proper Qwaser powers of his own, Max relys on his wolf companion Lobo and three other black wolves to attack any enemies of his. He can tell what an opponent has on them by sound, usually the noise produced from Lobo or the others clashing with whatever Qwaser or other enemy they're attacking. It's presented as a sort of echolocation, and a mental image is shown formed in the young man's mind.

Lobo and the pack listens to Max's every command, and strikes at apparently superhuman speeds, forcing Qwasers on the defense usually if they're close quarters fighters.

If need be, Max will use a strange staff in his possession to artificially evolve his wolves, making them what he calls Canis Erectus. While they appear very similar to typical cultural depictions of werewolves, Max greatly hates this term, as it suggests magic or unholy means. Considering his wolves to be closer to God's image in this form, as they apparently lack mankind's original sin, it's clear that Max places great importance in this form.

This power he dubs Rampage, and upon activation the wolves become much more deadly.

Lastly, Max can uses a move called Endless Night, which engulfs his target in a rectangular cube of darkness, blinding them while his wolves tear into them using their sense of smell to track and find them.