The Qwaser of Gold (Real Name: Gregory) is the main antagonist in the Seikon no Qwaser anime and manga. He seems to be the leader of the Adepts and he is the killer of Alexander Nikolaevich Hell's sister, Olga.

In the manga, he becomes the new Pope, having united the Orthodox and Catholic faiths.

Golden Tyrant becomes the Pope
Aliases Qwaser of Gold, Golden Tyrant, Judas Iscariot, Gregorij Efmenius
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Hair Color Blonde
Age Unknown - From around B.C.
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Affiliations The Adepts, Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, The Diciples of Christ
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Element Gold
Likes Jesus, Ending the World
Dislikes Sasha, Tomo, Jesus
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Summary Edit

He also betrays his Adept followers when they are no longer of use, focusing on his Theosis Project in the hopes of cloning Jesus Christ and creating an artificial Second Coming, using the Christ clone's Iron Qwaser abilities and Tomo Yamanobe's High Maria Soma to enhance the young clone closer to the original's power, and the world's Seven Divergences (ie. lines, dragon lines) to have the clone cause a Pole Shift, dispersing the Van Allen Belts and removing the Earth's protection from Cosmic Radiation, killing all life on the surface of the planet.

Referring to the clone of Christ as Master, and surprised as well as enraged that Tomo's tale of her life and friends could convince Christ-2 to side with her, he exposes his identity as Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 Apostles who betrayed Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane. Even centuries later, he's forgotten that that the essence of Christ is God's love for mankind, so his surprise at his "master's" choice to not destroy the world is foolish but telling.

Not willing to let go of his plans, he places a new Gold Nail Circuit on the Christ clone, taking control of him and trying to force his plans through.

Engaging in one last battle with Sasha, alongside Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe, the Golden Tyrant exposes his true form now, an ancient golden golem in the form of an archangel which contains Judas 's own soul which are combined with the Pneuma of his fellow Apostles.

The Qwaser of Gold formsEdit

1. Human form (killed Olga) 2. Tomo form  3. Robot form 4. Golden soul form (defeated by Sasha and Mafuyu Oribe)

Powers & Abilities Edit

As the Qwaser of Gold, he's one of the most powerful individuals in the series.

He's called the Golden Tyrant because he doesn't simply control his element; he rules it, he dominates it to such a degree that in his own words he is it.

With Gold he can accelerate his mind and movements to ridiculous speeds, striking at Sasha so fast that all the young man can do is block his assault.

Like other metallic element Qwasers he can form his element into different shapes, his preferred forms being a metal whip with a barbed end, snakes, and his signature Golden Nail with which he can control and posses other people's bodies, like Tomo or Jesus-2.

A move he used on Sasha called the Eternal Crown of Thorns implants nano-scale gold tendril into his victim's brain, forming a thorny crown akin to the one Jesus Christ is said to have had when being crucified. These tendrils reduce the transmission speed of neural impulses in a person's mind to a mere fraction of a normal person, making seconds seem like hours to them. They are fully conscious through all of this, but their perception of time makes it seem like it's slowed down to the point that it makes no sense. Sasha was essentially comatose when Gregory used this on him, until Katja used an elemental shift to become a second Gold Qwaser and take out almost all the nails embedded in Sasha brain...

For more benevolent purposes, the Golden Tyrant can rain down nano-particles of gold in a large area, having them vibrate on a cellular level to drive off a lethal virus terrorists were going to use to disrupt a papal conclave deciding the next pope (which he would become himself). This supposed miracle helped win over the crowd for him, presenting him as the best legitimate candidate for papacy.

Lastly, in the final two chapters of the manga he activated a golem like form that best exemplifies his Golden Tyrant name. In this form he claims to basically be a living Elemental Circuit, having 12 minds (the other apostles besides Judas) working at speeds that Sasha can't measure (so he claims). His sight, thoughts, and movements are almost outside of time itself by his estimation.

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