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Tasuku has the appearance of a Japanese boy with a wild look. He has long spiky black hair, red eyes and sharp teeth. His outfit consisted of a black jacket, black jeans, and a white T-shirt underneath the jacket. On the sides of the jacket are red lines, with what looks like iron guards on the shoulders, and the collarbone. He also has dark blue bracelets, which activates and opens up upon using his Qwaser powers.

After the Tir Na Nog Arc, Tasuku's outfit changed drastically. He now wears a sleeveless T-shirt with grey pants, alongside a cape that is tied to his pants, giving him a budhist appearance.


Tasuku has an aggressive personality, he is shown to fight with a murderous frenzy that makes him attack with blind fury, especially if it's Mutsumi who's in danger. He is also something of a womanizer.

History Edit

B11 (1)

A young Tasuku with his mother

Tasuku was the young heir of a budhist family that had lots of political power. His mother was the leader of the family and she was the one to raise him.

Tasuku's family was played around by powerful people for generations, that is, until his mother came to take the lead of the family, effectively giving the Fujiomi clan an extremely great political power and authority.

This, however, led to his mother's downfall, as one day, some of the people that tried to use money to sway the Fujiomi family to their side, with Tasuku's mother refusing, invaded the clan house, beat Tasuku up, and forced him to watch as his mother got gang raped to death right in front of him.


Tasuku helplessly watches as his mother gets gang raped to death in front of him

This scene caused Tasuku's kind and innocent personality to eventually disappear, and he became blinded with rage and anger just of the idea of the existence of people who 'sell fake miracles to others'. After he unlocked his Qwaser Powers, he began travelling around the streets, slaughtering anyone and anybody who sold fake miracles, and tried to use political power to harm the innocent. This, however, caused him to descend into insanity, being referred to as a blind beast, showing absolutely no sympathy or mercy towards those kind of people.

Completely broken mentally, Tasuku's life seemed to have been completely destroyed, that is until Mutsumi Sendou found him on the streets, treated his wounds, and took care of him. This eventually cured his mental state, and then both fell in love with each other, and became bonded together.

Plot Edit

The Meloncholy of Miyuri Tsujido Edit

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Tasuku watches Miyuri Tsujido rescuing Fumika