Teresa Beria
Image. Teresa.jpg
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Orange
Age Unknown (teen)
Bust 82 (C)
Waist 52
Hip 80
Affiliations Athos
Maria Maria of Sasha
Element None
Likes Alexander
Dislikes Croa
Voiced by Minori Chihara
First Appearance Episode 1

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Teresa is a pale-skinned and flawless girl with chin-length light blond hair that covers her ears and light green eyes. She also has the appearance of a nun as she is usually seen only wearing a nun gown.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Teresa has a very stoic personality as her expression doesn't change very often, although she is shown to be a very kind and caring girl toward her comrades as she was willingly get to captured just for the sake of her friends. She is also shown to be a very shy girl as she was embarrassed at the acts that she had to perform as a maria.

Story[edit | edit source]

Teresa is a Serbian Orthodox nun that serves at St. Mihailov in a variety of ordinary chores, such as taking care of children in the school's kindergarten or tending to flowers, she is notable in that, for most of the beginning of the series, she never shows any form of emotion, reacting with fright only when Mafuyu Oribe was about to close a door on her. This is explained when her past is revealed: as a child she was part of a Serbian Orthodox convent in Croatia, during the Yugoslav Wars. Teresa was a jovial and hyperactive girl until the day a group of Croatian militiamen, led by Croa, attacked the convent and pillaged it, slaughtering and raping its occupants in a bloody carnage. The sole survivor, Teresa observed the whole massacre from inside a closet, and when later found, she was so shocked that her emotions were locked away by the trauma. Only when Alexander Nikolaevich Hell gave her his support and they both avenged the slaughter by killing Croa, did she manage to smile for the first time in years. Teresa used to offer her Soma to Sasha, but since Shinichiro Ootori's death, she partners with Lizzy. While an ordinary human, Teresa is well-versed in combat, using a bow for long-range attacks or fighting bare-handed, or using blades concealed in her gown. She also has great skills in archery. A running gag involves two curious locks of hair that she has on her head, which look and behave like a puppy's ears, flipping when she is happy or excited, dropping loose when she is embarrassed, and so on.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Expert Marksman: Teresa has been shown to be very skilled at archery as she is capable of free Hana Katsuragi from her chains in one shot.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Bow and Arrows: Teresa has a bow and arrow as she uses them to free Hana Katsuragi and fight Yuu Kuchiba by herself.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Teresa means "to harvest" in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Teresa's surname Beria means "Most beautiful and mature woman".
  • The little tufts of hair on top of Teresa's head move to replicate a puppy's ears.
    • Whenever she is embarrassed, they droop.
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