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Tomo Yamanobe (山辺 燈 Yamanobe Tomo) is one of the main characters of the series. She is the daughter of St. Mihailov Academy's last dean and the best friend/roommate of Mafuyu Oribe.


Tomo has shoulder-length dark blue hair and crimson red eyes. She has a large bust size that is no bigger than Urara Oikawa and Tomo is also physically weak. She is the spitting image of Sasha's original protector Olga, which explains why he took so willingly the role of Tomo's guardian, much to Mafuyu's chagrin. Also, sometimes an upside down Eastern Cross (with its third slab being a scar), the symbol of the Adepts, appears between her breasts (This is replaced with the Qwaser of Gold taking over her body in the anime).


Tomo is the exact opposite of Mafuyu Oribe, both physically and mentally: Tomo is very childish and naive, yet she is very sweet-natured and soft-spoken with a heart of gold, preferring peace over conflict, even when that gets her into trouble. She deeply loves Mafuyu and Alexander Nikolaevich Hell, as seen when she snapped at Joshua for his plans to use her as bait to get to them. Given her kind-hearted nature, she is also very friendly, forgiving, and befriend anyone, no matter how hostile they were initially, as shown when she befriends Jita Phrygianos, despite the latter's threats to kill her. Tomo also befriends a girl named Astarte while in captivity under the Adepts.



Tomo has been with Mafuyu Oribe ever since childhood and Mafuyu always promised to protect her. In their high school days, Tomo is constantly bullied by Miyuri Tsujidō and Hana Katsuragi (Miyuri's best friend), when Miyuri threatens to kick them out of their dorm if Mafuyu doesn't do as she says. Tomo would tell her that if you pray, then God will help you. Soon after finding Sasha, the "Masked Murderer" appeared. Sasha quickly defeated her and transfers into Mafuyu and Tomo's class, only to make a memorable impression of Miyuri and the rest of his classmates. However, thanks to Tomo's appearance resembling Olja, Sasha befriends her and her best friend/protector, Mafuyu. Soon after, he rescue Tomo from Ayana Minase, who was a member of the Adepts, and had pretended to be the girls' friend in order to get to Tomo.

The symbol that frequently appears on Tomo's chest is later revealed to be the presence of the Qwaser of Gold, which apparently inhabits Tomo's body as a disembodied projection and, as itself stated, is slowly draining her of her life. This is why she has to constantly replenish herself with Soma.

One night, Miyuri contracts Mafuyu and Sasha to find and capture a local molester who was rumored to be preying on female students. This "molester" turns out to be Joshua Phrygianos, a Qwaser from the Adepts, who was sent to capture Tomo.

Indeed, it was revealed that the Qwaser of Gold does have some control over Tomo, as he possessed her and tried to unseal Sword's Maria. The plan backfired, and now Tomo is apparently free from his control and possesses the other half of the incantation, with Mafuyu possessing the first. She is held at the Adepts base of operations, where she meets and befriends Jita Phrygianos, Joshua's younger sister, who is also a member of the Adepts, as well as a little girl named Astarte, who is the High Maria of the Adepts.

Tomo is held captive at Magnolia, the headquarters of the Adepts for quite some time, and she becomes friends with some of the organizations more cordial members, like Aoi Kuchiba and Doukan, and the mysterious Milk. She also meets Rostam, who becomes the new caretaker of Magnolia after Joshua and Jita's departure. He develops a crush on her, but she doesn't seem to be aware of this.


In the anime, Tomo's role remains much the same, but there is no mention of the Qwaser of Gold draining her life away, though he still possess her body. He took personal delight in groping and sucking Tomo's breasts. She also does not possess the second half of the Sword's Maria. At the end of the first season of the anime, she returns to Mihailov Academy with Mafuyu Oribe and Alexander Nikolaevich Hell, after they defeat the Qwaser of Gold. However, Sasha had to leave in order to train to fend off stronger threats. Sometime between the end of the first season and the start of the Seikon no Qwaser II, Mafuyu left Tomo behind so she should train with Ekaterina Kurae in order to learn how to control the Sword's Maria. She was regularly visited by Fumika Mitarai and Miyuri Tsujidō, whom was actually lonely without Mafuyu around. That is, until the episode seven of season 2, when Jita Phrygianos is brought to the academy. Tomo offered to take care of her, since she can't use her powers with the nipplelock in place. At the end of the episode, Sasha and Mafuyu came back to school and happily reunite with Tomo. In the later half of the second season, Tomo was one of the girls Sasha had taken soma from on a regular basis.

Powers and Abilities

High Maria: Tomo is very well endowed, and with that she also has very high-quality soma, that it is at the level of a high maria, in fact the soma is so strong that when someone drinks her soma, their qwaser abilities actually increase.


  • The name Tomo means "wisdom, intellect" (智) or "friend" (朋).
  • Tomo has an odd tendency to consume her own soma through self-breastfeeding for comfort or just for showing she is able to.
  • Tomo is the only girl who willingly lets Alexander Nikolaevich Hell sleep with her for comfort.
  • Tomo has the lowest level of modesty and strength among all the females in the series, as she is careless, and sometimes even helpless, of whether she appears naked in front of males. Or even when one, like Joshua Phrygianos, strips her completely naked.
  • Tomo birthday is October 28th. Her sign is Scorpio.
  • Interestingly, Tomo has inverted nipples that naturally do not protrude from her breasts and they only stimulate when they do erect.