Urara Oikawa
335344-cap 05
Aliases None
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Age 22.
Bust 100 (J)
Waist 59
Hip 88
Affiliations Theotokos Project (betrayed)
Maria {{{maria}}}
Element None
Likes Women
Dislikes Unkown
Voiced by Sayaka Ohara
First Appearance Chpt 10 (Manga), Episode 05 (Anime)

Two weeks after Tomo was kidnapped by the Adepts (episode 19), Urara contacted with Sasha and had a close encounter with him (Episode 20), she later told him a little bit about who was she and what she knows about Yamanobe Yuudai, she also gave him a special book which later Sasha would use to open a secret compartment in a bookcase of the academy, which contained some documents that revealed the way to the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn.

In episode 21, Urara healed Tasuku Fujiomi's and Mutsumi Sendou's wounds after their battle against the adepts Jita Phrygianos and Milk. Though Mutsumi had the worse wounds, she wanted to provide Tasuku with her soma, Urara stopped her because she considered that Mutsumi was too weak to provide soma, so Urara offered hers, as consequence Mutsumi felt jealous and took Tasuku away. Shortly after, in company of Yuri Noda, Urara felt how her soma was taken out due to the "Sword of Maria" sealed in Mafuyu, which was recollecting soma from all the women in the world. By the end of the season, Mafuyu went to Urada's office for a check-up because her breasts were getting smaller, she asked the nurse if it was possible to make them bigger like before (when the "Sword of Maria" was activated), but Urara only laughed really hard and told her that it was impossible.

Urara returns in the second season of the series in the episode 07, after the battle in the Roman Curia Suirei Academy. She treats Jita and Yumie after Tomo found them unconscious somewhere near the St. Mihailov Academy. Urara told Tomo that Jita was OK, and explained her the functioning of the device that Jita had in one of her breasts, then, before leaving the room, Urara warns Jita not to make any fuss, because trying to use her qwaser powers could cause an accumulation of soma in her body. Time later, Urara appeared to help Tomo and Jita who were having problems with one of the thieves that stole the file that contained the body measures of all the girls in the St. Mihailov Academy. First Urara gave Tomo an elemental circuit (that looked like an egg) which transformed her into "Mademoiselle Tomo", then she started emitting/firing beams with her breasts and got rid of the thief, the problem was that she couldn't stop it until she ran out of energy. Urada said that she was glad she didn't use the elemental circuit in herself. The school nurse had another 2 brief appearances, the first one in episode 10, where she gave Hana and Fumika a book that teaches how to get big boobs, and the second one in episode 11, where she went with Miyuri, Fumika, Jita, Yumie, Nami, and Edgar to the St. Mihailov's hot springs.

Other AppearancesEdit

Seikon no Qwaser: Jotei no Shozo OVAEdit

Urara appears in the Seikon no Qwaser OVA titled Jotei no Shozo (or Portrait of the Empress in English) and along with Teresa made medical examinations for all the girls in the academy. She started with Katja and her classmates and used the fact that Lulu Shiizaki was wearing a bra that didn't suit her to teach the young girls how to measure correctly their breasts (so they can buy the appropriate bra) and to show off her attributes. She later examined Mafuyu Oribe and her classmates and kept away Sasha and Shinichiro Ootori who were peeking and fighting close to nurse's office.