Yuu Kuchiba
Yuu Kuchiba
Aliases Double Face
Qwaser of Oxygen
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Green
Age 16
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adept
Maria Aoi Kuchiba (Twin Sister)
Element Oxygen
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Risa Hayamizu
First Appearance Episode 8

One of the pair of twins of unknown, assumed Japanese origin.


Yuu is a slender young man, having purple marks on the side of his eyes, and who is usually seen with a sadistic like face. He has spiky short light green hair, and is usually seen wearing a white overcoat, and black leather pants, as well as pocket chains in the sides of his pockets.


Yuu is shown to be very sadistic, and animalistic, not even caring about his own sister, who was being used purely for soma, and even taking some himself.


He and his sister were held captive and brutally trained to become members of the Adepts as children. While Sasha endured thanks to Olja's support, Yuu and Aoi had to rely upon each other, which in the end became their demise, culminated in Yuu apparently becoming a homicidal maniac and an extremely powerful Qwaser.

At some point, Yuu was accidentally killed by Aoi who, having been deemed unfit for combat as a Qwaser, was intended to be used as a supply of Soma, and when she was about to be assaulted, she unleashed her powers in self-defense, slaughtering her assailant only to discover, to her horror, that it was her brother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser of oxygen: It is unknown how skilled Yuu was before his demise, but it is known that he was the qwaser of oxygen, and possibly had the same skill as Aoi.